I AM Elite Team.
  1. Levance Williams
    Levance Williams
    Elite Long Jumper, Sprinter
  2. Lance Parker
    Lance Parker is one of this nation's most exciting, gifted and talented athletes. One can only imagine what the future holds for this energetic and purpose- driven young man. His life today is one of much success and celebration, but, the obstacles this dynamic individual has had to overcome in order to have accomplished all that he has, is truly awe-inspiring. Born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, Lance was diagnosed at an early age with behavioral conditions and learning disabilities. Constantly being told that he would never amount to anything in life and repeatedly being belittled and ridiculed, anger and rage became an integral part of his personality. As early as kindergarten, he was held back due to his behavioral issues which put him in a place of discomfort for most of his life. Both of his parents stood by his side and fought for him in every way, but Lance credits his grandmother for being his primary source of inspiration and motivation. She kept him encouraged and constantly reminded him to not accept the negative things said to him and to believe that God had a plan for his life. His mother introduced him to sports at the age of five, as an outlet for the anger and rage that he was experiencing due to situations that were thrust upon him, such as being labeled as a "bad kid." Lance had very few "cheerleaders" from kindergarten to high school and even carried that "bad boy, mentally challenged" persona through middle school and high school. However, it was during these years that he shocked many athletic coaches and staff as he proved himself to be one of the fastest people in track and field. During his tenure at Everman High School in Everman Texas, he became a four-time regional champion and district champion, as well as an All-American in the Division 2. Then his life took an amazing turn for the better, at his mother's request, he enrolled in Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas, where he placed in the top eight in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJACC) poll for nationals. Now it was time for the next phase in Lance's destiny. He attended Lon Morris College, where he again proved all of his naysayers wrong again by obtaining an Associate of Science Degree in Biology graduating with a 3.3 GPA. He then transferred to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona, where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration with a Minor in Exercise in Health Education. Lance continues to add to his lists of accomplishments by being recognized as Grand Canyon University’s first Division One Western Athletic Conference Champion 2014; Outdoor WAC Conference Champion in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m and Outstanding Male Performance Award. His personal bests are 10.38 in 100 meter dash, Salt Lake City, Utah and 20.85 in 200 meter dash, Pueblo Colorado. He continues to make his mark in the world as he competed this April 2015, against London Olympian, Ryan Bailey, who was a part of the 4x1 Silver Medalist Team in London, in a 200m dash where culminating in a Photo Finish. Lance is truly an analytical thinker, self-motivator and a success determined individual who loves his role as a mentor to all youth. Through all of his ups and downs Parker says "I ALWAYS KNEW MY VALUE" and that "HARD WORK OVERRIDES TALENT."
    Lance Parker
    Elite Sprinter
  3. Dominique Hubert
    Dominique Hubert
    Elite Sprinter
  4. Jerrell Hancock
    Jerrell Hancock
    Elite Sprinter
  5. Nii Ayi
    Nii Ayi
    Elite Long Jump
  6. Ethan Mignard
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    Ethan Mignard
    Elite Sprinter